Saturday, May 14, 2011

Musical Weekend

So it is very much a musical weekend.  My choir, Melodia Monday is offering two concerts in the area.  The first concert is at the St. Paul's Anglican Church this evening at 7:00 and the second is at the Kars Presbyterian on Sunday afternoon at 2:00.  We've put a lot of work into prepping for these concerts.  This is the culminating project for the year's efforts, although we do have one more concert in early June.
The program this year is largely religious in nature.  We are doing two different masses, seven of the possible ten movements.  The first is the venerable Byrd Mass, which has been our most challenging learn this year.  The second is Chilcot's Little Jazz Mass, which has been challenging in its close harmonies -- but more challenging for our accompanist.  The contrast between the styles of two selections is the reason for the repetition.  Of course having the same lyrics has made learning or refreshing the Latin easy, and allowed us more time to concentrate on the notes. We are also doing four lively spirituals.
I offer the next two Youtube videos, just so you can hear what the masses sound like - not neither are us -- sorry. 

To round out the concerts we will be doing a few easy listening romantic favourites from our youth, and the classic theme from the Pink Panther.
It has been a great year for Melodia Monday.  We have collected eight new members who have quickly assimilated and blended into the group.  Doug has done a great job in his first year of leadership, very capably doing the formidable task of filling our former leader's shoes.
I've quite enjoyed my second year with the group.  I enjoy the comradery of the two hours each week, blending with like-minded folks and developing new friendships.  My only wish is that the group was a little more local for me, but having said that, I do most enjoy the drive and chat with my friend Malcolm each week.
And that is about all I have to say for today.
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