Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tieing Up Loose Ends

I remarked to the missus the other day, that I just felt like the ends of my fabric of life were unraveling, before my eyes.  Well perhaps that was a tad dramatic, but at least her ears perked up and she listened for a moment or two, to my tale of woe.  Yes is was a fine little pity party, and I had a guest.

Yesterday was a good day, albeit a rather busy one.

First of all we went to the rental house for the morning.  I raked and seeded the back yard (dead spots everywhere from where jetsam and flotsam rested for the past few years of tenancy).  The missus, vacuumed up the baking soda that we had covered the floor with, as a last attempt to soak up the smells of pets and their effluent.  Then she mopped everything with vinegar.  Ahh, the house smells somewhat clean, and not so much like a giant kitty litter box.

So the house is ready to show now - not to future tenants, but to future buyers.  Good thing, the realtor listed it Friday night.  Yes we are still waiting on one last contractor to finish up a job in the back bedroom, but it is listed as a work in progress that will be complete before closing date.  As of last night, our realtor indicates she has two potential showings.  Fingers crossed.

Last fall there was a Kijiji ad, that I responded to.  A chap was looking for small motors to work on, dead or alive.  I just happened to have a three wheeler, sitting unused, and non-working in my garden shed, and a tiller, that the bearings were about to pile up in( if I could get two or three more prepositions on the end of that one, I consider it a success).  I responded, and we set up a time for him to come and pick them up.  Notice I said, last fall.  Yesterday, the Clampetts arrived (sans Granny, but all the rest were there) and finally hauled away the mechanic detritus of my former life.  Adios. 

Yes I know its a 4 wheeler - perhaps this will be my old three wheeler in its next life!

 I can only imagine what their back and front yard look like.

Then I tackled our gardens.  The flower beds actually look pretty good, by the time we finished.  The missus and I cut and hauled away all the dead stalks.  My intent was to show the gardens on the blog today, but alas the camera batteries died and the cupboard was bereft of any more.

It was a fine day, so I went out to one of my gardening client's homes, and tackled her flower beds, head on too.  Another job complete, until after Easter.

Then I came home and got my new rototiller out (well new to me, it was used and needed some TLC), and tackled my veggie garden.  It was might wet, but good to get the tiller through it once, to start the drying process.

The three wheeler is gone, I still have my cart for behind it.  Strike while the iron is hot, I say.  I spent some time last night, and now it is listed on Kijiji, awaiting a buyer.

So you can see, it was a productive day.  I did get a few of the loose ends of life, somewhat tied up.  An offer on the house and the cart would make things even better.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

Musings and meanderings from the Musical Gardener.

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