Monday, April 25, 2011

My Day Plan

As a supply teacher I'm used to working from a dayplan.  However today is another holiday, and I have my day plan all worked out for myself (no it is not a honey-do list).  Yes I am aware of what often happens to the best laid plans of mice and men.

As I planned my day, I took a few snaps of what is actually starting to appear in the gardens.  Spring bulbs are so trustworthy. The daffodils are starting to really ramp up the blossom.  Note to self: plant more daffodil and narcissus this fall. The first clump of tulips are showing a bit of colour ( I know I planted orange bulbs, but obviously someone got their wires crossed). 

Yesterday I started a project I have been planning for some time.  One corner of my veggie garden is eternally wet and nothing grows well there.  Now we have had three wet summers running since we moved here, so a dry summer may prove things differently.  Anyway, I determined that if I could dig a trench across the garden from the wet spot to the roadside ditch, I could probably take some of the moisture from the offending corner.

Armed with my trusty shovel, I began the digging.  I had several lengths of drainage pipe (salvaged from landfill of course) which I laid carefully in the trench.  I left it overnight to see just what would happen.  Unfortunately I appear to have dug a trench which is virtually level, no fall towards the ditch.  I'm not sure how to proceed, but I guess I will fill it in and see if it can get rid of water, once the ditch is dried up. As you can see there is the same level of water lying in the trench at either end, and if I slope it any further toward the ditch, it will only backfill from there.  On to plan B (which make take a year or two to even percolate).

Period 2 of my day, is getting manure.  A week or so back, an ad for free manure appeared on Kijiji.  I emailed the poster telling them I had zero time last week, but that I would be interested this week.  Last night I phoned the lady, and she gave me directions on how to get there this morning.  So eldest and I are off to collect poop, once she rolls out of bed.  Youngest abhors anything either horticultural or excretory.

Period 3 is in the greenhouse.  I moved all my wave petunias from the basement to the hoophouse yesterday afternoon.  I did another few flats of cuttings last night.  This morning we will start transferring the plants from 4 packs into 4" pots, so they can expand their little horizons.

Looks pretty sparce, but wait until everything has found its new home
Period 4 is planting all the rhizomes and tubers into pots.  I've stored sweet potato tubers, calla and canna lilies and dahlia bulbs, all of which need to be potted up and started growing in the greenhouse, to set out after danger of frost has passed.

And then I'm off to Melodia Monday practice tonight.  Sounds like a full day, and I see the sky is darkening in before I even begin.  Will be fun to see how much of my dayplan actually sees fruition.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. I love seeing the daffodils bloom, it is the start of life in my gardens. My son gave me a new crop of different bulbs last fall and they came up 2 weeks ago and are spectacular. However, next week the flowers will be gone and I will have to go out there and either turn the greens down with rubber bands or braid them. This is not my favorite job but if I do not do that, they will remain through half the summer and I like to use the space for other blooming plants.

    Looks like you are a very busy man but working in the garden is good for the soul - but sometimes hard on the back.


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