Wednesday, April 6, 2011

100th Blog

A blogging friend of mine just celebrated her 1000th blog the other day.  Way to go Knatolee!

 That is a lot of writing picture and video importing.

Today is my 100th blog.  Hard to believe I've babbled on that much.  It's kind of like Seinfeld, 100 shows about nothing in particular.  Well actually every blog is about something, but they are just little snippets from my life, and I suppose that I am the common thread that holds them together.  Who, but yours truly, would juxtaposition plum pudding, mnemonics, Grade 7's, consumption, cows and spoonerisms together?

My wife asked me if I was still enjoying my blogging or if it has gotten to be a chore.  My answer is that I do really enjoy it.  Occasionally I do kind of get a sort of writer's block in regard to what I should write about today (for instance I can't flog two soup recipes within a week of each other).  And then there's that 'just-getting-started/tip-of-the-tongue thing -- what angle am I going to take?

I wish I had discovered blogging earlier.  I think back over the past few years and think, ahhh those were some very blog worthy events, but those moment have passed.  I also wish I had discovered sooner, the wonderful pastime of reading other people's blogs.  Of course I would like to find a few more writers of the same ilk as myself.  I do go through other people's blogrolls, but usually most of them don't hold much fascination for me.  Maybe I am just too picky. No I don't want a day to day account of your child's toilet training trials -- been there, done that!

I like the immediacy of people's blogs - they are in real time.  I like that they are a candid snapshot of a particular event, or daily action.  I enjoy reading about other people's daily experiences, little happenings that would never otherwise be recorded.  I like seeing other personalities and perspectives tackling the same mundane, daily chores of life.

I have discovered that I most like the blogsites that cover a wide variety of topics.  They are kind of like Christmas presents.  You never know what gift you might open on any particular day.

I also like the blogs which are not flogging anything in particular - no agendas, no items for sale, no annoying advertising.

I like blogs that are sunny and happy.  Remember I started out blogging as part of my own personal happiness project.  Now don't get me wrong, I am quite alright with people venting personal wrath, or sharing unhappy circumstances in life.  Blogging should be a bit cathartic for the writer at times too.  But I do want to more often basically get a bit of an emotional lift, a twinge of nostalgia or an inspiration to try something myself.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

Musings and meanderings from the Musical Gardener.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! (I am catching up on blog reading after our week away.) At the rate you're going, you'll be at 1,000 in no time! I love your blog; you talk about all sorts of interesting things. Keep on blogging. :)


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