Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eggs Benedict

Every once in a while its nice to have a decadent breakfast and what better way than Eggs Benedict.  Of course, with a few veggies on the side, breakfast makes a good dinner too!

Most people think that Eggs Benedict are beyond their capabilities, but if you cheat (as I do) and buy a Hollandaise sauce mix, there is nothing to it.  Sure you can make your own Hollandaise, if you are a purist by nature, but it is finicky stuff, and half the time you'll end up with a lumpy glue.  Now having said that, if you use a mix, do NOT answer the telephone when it rings in the middle of your stirring.  I speak from experience, as last night my realtor called just as I added the mix to the water - and you can surmise the rest...... lumpy store-bought sauce.

For those of you, with a health bent, you can try the following alterations:  use whole wheat English muffins, fry your mushrooms in a little water (rather than butter), and skimp on the sauce (that is where the artery-clogging goodness is primarily derived).

Ingredients: Per serving

One English muffin
2 slices of sugar cured ham
1/4 cup fried mushrooms
2 slivers of Brie cheese
2 poached eggs (yolks still runny)
2 tablespoons Hollandaise sauce

Fry the mushrooms until golden.

Slice and toast English muffins.

Prepare the Hollandaise mix according to the instructions on the package.  Be sure to stir it constantly until thickened and then remove from heat.

Put water in frying pan and bring to a boil.  Crack eggs one by one into the boiling water.  Cover pan and let cook about a minute.  If you jiggle the pan, the yolks should still jiggle too.

Assemble the ingredients:  Put two halves of English muffin open on the plate.  Cover each with a slice of ham.  Divide the mushrooms between the two halves.  Place a slice of Brie on top of the mushrooms.  Carefully scoop a poached egg on the top of this.  Add a tablespoon of prepared Hollandaise sauce to the top of each egg.  Garnish with a tomato slice or whatever vegetables you would prefer (asparagus is awesome too).

Serve immediately.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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