Thursday, June 9, 2011

Powerless and Pioneering It

Wow, did we get a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon!  That heat and humidity certainly brought us something. The lights flickered, flickered some more, winked out, winked back on, flickered some more and then winked out once more - not to return. 

A call to Ontario hydro confirmed that we are to be without power until probably Friday afternoon - not good news.  We have become so technologically dependent.  I like to think I have a pioneering spirit, but thus far I haven't proved it much.

Okay I have gone without the shower (just apply more deoderant right?), but we do have a pool (albeit it is somewhat chilly, and should I use soap and shampoo in it - not likely.

In the middle of the night, missus and I both were lying there awake, wondering what to do next -- sleep might have been the idea.  However, we decided to get up and make a grocery run.  We had no bottled water in the house and a couple of bags of ice would turn our fridge into an makeshift icebox.  Well our fair city has no 24 hour grocery store, but we did find ice and water at a gas station.

Back home we unloaded our loot and got the "icebox" set up.  I think our freezers will be okay for a couple of days.  They were not defrosting at all this morning.  So as long as we leave them closed up, they should hold their temp somewhat.

The sump pump hole doesn't appear to be filling up much.  That would have been a major issue a couple of weeks or months ago.

The toilets are flushed, by pailing water in from the pool - not fancy, but it keeps bodily functions at bay, at least.  The pool I'm a little worried about, as no circulation in this heat will probably require a major shocking to bring to back to normal.  Nobody seems to like green water - picky, picky, picky.

Cooking, well we better be cleaning out the leftovers and perishables in the fridge, just because. I know the icecream at the top of the freezer will need to be devoured before it melts.  It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.  Does eating icecream count as pioneering?

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. Ice cream pioneering? Mmm, not likely. You need some grubs with that.

  2. I am sure your family was proud of you for not letting the ice cream go to waste.

    I think the whole world is having extreme weather. One day a week the sirans go off here warning us about some possible danger coming our way. So far we have lucked out, but others have not been so fortunate. Sweltering heat this week with now warnings of severe thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. They are possibly your storms from last night. I put some wine in the basement just in case we have to run for cover.


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