Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy 60th

I've got a milestone birthday coming up this year, but that also means that my sister does too, because we are just about ten years apart, but for a few short months.

Dad and Linda

Linda was in high school before I have any concrete memories of her.  One of my earliest recollections of her would be a particular night in grade ten, when she arrived home late after school.  She must have had permission to stay in town, and have arranged for the twenty mile ride home in some manner that was acceptable to our parents.  However what she did in the hours between school and her arrival home were not deemed acceptable by the parental unit.  She got her hair cut, and bought a pair of high-heeled shoes!  By today's standards that would pretty much elicit a 'so what' response.

The obligatory long hair and bun
After the rebellion!

Not so in our home!  I was raised strict Plymouth Brethren.  Women had long hair, and sensible shoes were worn beneath even more sensible-lengthed skirts.  My father was not impressed and quickly made known his opinion.  Of course not much could be done about the hair, but I do recall the shoes being hidden in the bottom of her dresser for several years, and whether or not she ever wore them whilst under my parent's roof, I do not recall.

Fun and carefree days.

Linda became a nurse's aid, and found a job in the city.  When I was a teen, I would often go to visit her.  She enjoyed showing her little brother the sights of the big city.  It was also a getaway for me.  She would treat me to suppers on the town, and we even went to see movies - a fact my parents were not made aware of, as the theater was a den of iniquity in my father's stern eyes.  Thus began my decent into debauchery!

So happy 60th my dear.  Remember the good old days?

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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