Friday, June 3, 2011

My Latest Iris Tale

I'm feeling a little like the old poem, "There was a crooked man, who had a crooked house......".  Well actually I'm not particularly crooked myself, nor is my house (although the internet tower has a slight list to it), but my gardens are all atilt.  The wind which has blown unceasingly for the last 48 or so hours, has wreaked havoc with any plant that dares to stand more than a few inches tall.  Unfortunately that definitely includes the tall bearded irises, which were in full bud on the 1st of June.  Not that they were going to be spectacular, but there were better than 75 of them that had bud stalks.  Well most of them are either broken off at the base, or lying at acute angles to the ground, valiantly trying to catch their breath and face upward to the sun.

Regardless, here are a few shots of the braver souls that withstood the galeforce winds, and where not wrenched from their anchored moorings.

Mostest - in the shelter of the house, still upright
Capatonic - quite outstanding, but only one stalk

Neutron Dance, slightly akimbo lean
Going My Way -  southward unfortunately

Best Bet - for another year perhaps
English Charm - getting the tipsy lean on
My Wild Iris Rose - pretty much prone like a drunken sailor
So like any good gardener, I'm cheering myself with the philosophy there is always next year to look forward to.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

Musings and meanderings from the Musical Gardener.


  1. Your irises are gorgeous! I have to get some new varieties of Iris for my garden. That wind was something else. It broke a lot of my rhubarb stalks, among other things.

  2. My beautiful yellow beared Irises lasted only a week this year. We had so much rain and wind that they got destroyed very quickly. Now all I have left are the greens. I did not even have time to take a picture.

    Your's look beautiful; enjoy they while you can.

  3. Your irises are always so pretty. Sounds like you guys are getting a piece of the wind systems that have brought tornados to the Midwest and East. Batten down the hatches.


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