Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A New Follower And Another Great Aunt

I've got a new follower in the last couple of days, that I must welcome.  Hi Sherry, and thanks for finding my blog and joining up.

Sherry and I grew up in the same little community, and attended the same schools, although not at the same time (I was much, much younger!).  For several years we worked together, for a printing company.  Sherry is also a fellow keyboarder.  I played organ for choir, while she directed, for a couple of years.

Our careers took different directions, and we both left our home community to set out for brighter city lights.  We kind of lost track of each other for a while, but fortunately email and Facebook has remedied that.

Over the years we both developed a major interest in genealogy.  Although we are not related, we do share some common relatives.  My great aunt, who married one Sherry's ancestral relatives, was a bit of a mystery.  There were no surviving photos of her that I could find, although all of her siblings were well documented photographically.  So it was off to my friend Sherry - "have you ever seen any photos of these particular individuals?"  Her answer at that time was negative, but it was only a few months later, that a reply came back - she'd found the allusive individuals, and it was a particularly nice sitting as well.  There is no doubt, that this is my great aunt, as several of my aunts very closely resembled her.

I never met my great aunt Emmaline Patterson Whitmell. There is not a lot of information available, but I will share what I have. Emmaline was born April 07, 1876.  On December 30th, 1896 she married John James Whitmell, a neighbour.  The couple had five children over the next few years.  A sixth child was born on March 14, 1915, but did not survive.  Emmaline herself died four days later, probably from complications of childbirth, although I have not seen records to this effect.  It's kind of sad that, a person as closely related to me, is simply reduced to three dates and one photo.  Perhaps this is a story that Sherry and I can someday give some more character and details to.

John, Emmaline and one of their daughters.
Until then, welcome aboard.  Hope you enjoy the ride.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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