Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More TB Irises

Despite wind, rain, hail and storm, my tall bearded irises have continued to soldier on.  You have probably determined by now that irises are my favourite plant.  I think it may be the challenges that they present that keep them in my number one spot.  They are not without their cares - iris borers, bacterial rot, leaf spot, fussiness when it comes to soil conditions -- the list goes on.  Yes, they have benefited greatly from the major upheaval and move last summer, but there are still conditions to remedy.  For one, the topsoil I purchased is wonderfully fertile, but has no body to it.  It is like peat moss for consistency, and the roots are not anchoring in it as well as they need to be, to withstand tornado-style winds.  I think the addition of some clay would help this situation.  As well I need to move quite a few clumps, due to overcrowding already.  I can't believe how well they have propagated in one season.  So August will see quite a few of them being displaced into a new location yet again.  Ah well, that is half the fun of gardening:  moving stuff about, renovating, building new beds and dreaming of the perfection that will be achieved next season.

Strawberry Sensation - my favourite pink
Triple Whammy - a space age TB - note the uplifted beards
Love the streaking in the falls

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. Love Strawberry Sensation. My beauties only lasted a week this year due to wind and rain.

  2. You have the most incredible collection of Irises!! Gorgeous.


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