Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Echinacea - Humble Coneflower All Dressed Up

You've come a long way baby!.  The plain old prairie wildflower, the purple coneflower is no longer a plain jane in the garden.  I purchased a few different varieties a couple of years back, when there seemed to be a tremendous resurgence of interest in echinacea.  Unfortunately I lost my light yellow, Harvest Moon.  Yours truly got greedy and tried to divide it into three, the first year and I ended up not being successful on all three counts - lesson learned - echinacea do not take kindly to indiscriminate splitting, until well established.

Meringue just unfolding

First flowers of Tomato Soup

I confess I splurged on this plant.  I had to have it as a new introduction, and yes, I paid full price.

Pink Double Delight

Tomato Soup in full regalia
 I admit, I really splurged on this one.  It was one of those must have new introductions, and yes I paid full price!

Meringue, a little more advanced

Green Envy - unusual, not particularly attractive!

Good old standard coneflower

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. Hey, I just bought some Tomato Soup echinacea. It's fabulous!! I paid full price at HOme Hardware. :) I'm expanding my echinacea collection. Yours are gorgeous.

  2. I tried growing Echinacea from seed. They never came up. Maybe it was just too hot.
    Next year I am gonna splurge on some plants.
    I love your pics. I'm impressed with your Tomato Soup flowers. Very pretty.


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