Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Vegetable Garden

I've put a lot of effort into the vegetable garden this year, what with manure ammendments etc.  I'm still not ecstatic with the results and it is definitely not as advanced as I'd like to see for early July.  Thus far we've had garlic scapes and green onions.  Can't wait for the beans and potatoes, but I guess I'll have to as the flowers are starting to emerge on both. 

I used to grow a lot of sweet corn for market, but that is one crop I have dispensed with because of the amount of raccoons and skunks I would have to fend off.  Corn is also very space consuming, for the amount of food yield. 

I've also moved my squash, pumpkins, cucumbers and gourds down onto the end of the single long row, because running plants such as them, tend to smother the rest of the garden, and make tilling impossible.  I figure way down the row like that if they want to run off into the bush or out onto the road, it won't affect my tillage practices much.

This photo is of my single long row garden.  When we moved here originally, I set all the tall bearded irises out in one long spectacular row.  Well at least I envisioned it being spectacular.  However it was too wet for TB iris roots, and they slowly wasted away for a couple of years, until my rescue effort last summer.  So I had this piece of ground worked up, and it has been fairly well fertilized over the past couple of years, so I decided it might be a good spot for potatoes and gladiolus, neither who would even be in the ground during the wet, early spring.  Seems like a good decision as both are thriving and all I have to do is run the rototiller up and down both sides every few weeks for weed control.

Tomatillo - a new venture, for fresh salsa

New transplants under cover

Transplanted Veronica

Fennel - another first time venture

Second planting of beans, good germination this time round

Bean blossoms, pods in two weeks?
Tater blossoms - nuggets in two short weeks

Beets, ready if you like greens

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. All things good comes to he who waits. Harvest will be here before you know it.

  2. Desert gardening is a chore. Yours looks so wonderful.

  3. Oh my. Your veg garden looks much, much tidier than mine!!

  4. Greetings Neighbour!

    Your garden looks quite delightful. Although, right now they could all use some rain. Watering from the pond is becoming more tiresome each day!



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