Friday, July 15, 2011

Art Camp 2011

My normally neatly organized garage has experienced a metamorphosis this week. The vehicles have been relegated to the driveway.  For five days it has become a classroom.  Sunday afternoon we moved three tables and accompanying chairs into the emptied garage.

Each year, my missus teaches an art camp for youngsters from 6 -13 years of age.  This year she has eleven willing little participants.

My role has been pretty much background this week, although I seem to have been conscripted to run the sports/body break session each morning.  I usually get to help with tidyup at the end of the day too.

For the past few days the students have ventured into the wonderful world of art, learning concepts of abstract art, realism, as well as various techniques and mediums.  In the process they have had a lot of fun, and produced some rather amazing works of art.

The missus making notes after day one

A glue/pastel project in the early stages

The supply table, a precarious ironing board, posing as something substantial

One of the little artists at work

More busy little hands

Flowers are starting to emerge

Eleven little Picassos and their masterpieces -its like a whole new flower garden!
Now if I can just find my garage again - anyone wanna help clean up?

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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