Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mid Summer Flowers

Okay, yesterday I showed you the bad and ugly, so today it is time to recreate balance.  Here is what is currently stopping traffic - well we had one lady stop in and admire our daylilies.  Last night we went for a reciprocal visit to her house - Wow.  I am newly inspired in gardening ideas.  She has a pond and water rapids/falls that activates salivation ..... you diehards will understand. 

Anyway, back to my humble efforts.  The showers have really kept things blooming well, and other than powdery mildew and Japanese beetles, the perennials are doing their cheery best.

Red monarda (bee balm)

Lysimachia Punctata - does anyone know the common name -is this moneywart?

Red Hot Poker

Strawberry Candy Daylily
Red Gallardia
My mass of pink - petunias, perennial sweet pea and clematis
Anybody know the correct name?
Perennial Sweet Peas
Goosenecked Loosestrife - a must-have in the garden, but DO plant it in a large pot to contain the roots, otherwise it will invade in Hitleresque proportions.
My favourite unnamed Red Daylily

And that is about I have to say for today.

Musings and meanderings from the Musical Gardener.


  1. I thought the Loosestrife family was the parasitical bane of the Canadian countryside. But this one is so pretty.

  2. Purple loosestrife is certainly an invasive weed. This one however, does not spread by seed, just by rhizome, so as long as you keep it contained in a pot or some other enclosure it is fine, and it certainly is eye catching.

  3. Monarda is my favourite, and I have several varieties. That loosestrife looks great, invasive though it is. :) What a beautiful garden you have.

  4. Everythihg looks very healthy. Love the bee balm. I used to have a really pretty plant (seeded by some birds - because I never planted it), but something got to it this year and died almost as soon as it bloomed.


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