Saturday, July 30, 2011

My How Times Have Changed

In a former life, I attended agricultural college in a small northern town.  A couple of years ago a Facebook group was formed to gather all the old Aggies under one umbrella.  The threat of archiving has brought the Aggies all out of the woodwork in the past few days.  One particular post caught my eye and made me do some thinking.

Anybody want to amaze their kids. When we lived in residence (82-84 for me) there were about 55 or so of us there.

There was one (count it, one) pay phone. You could call it, but one phone did for all of us. To be fair there was probably a phone in the office (not for student use) and was there a phone in the senior girls res?

Maybe 3 people had a camera.

There were no computers in res, and only one or 2 at the college. I think a full set came with the new building in 84/85. Internet had not been invented. Senior Project was typed out by hand and mistakes had to be retyped, the whole page, or whited out.

Gas was about 51 cents/litre