Sunday, October 9, 2011

Much To Be Thankful For

You'll probably see my wheelbarrow appearing in many different venues in the future.  We chose to put it into our Thanksgiving display.  Now I wish I had been able to fill it with pumpkins, but that was about the extent of our crop.  I need to get some bigger varieties in for next year.  I'd like to take credit for the mums, but they were just Walmart specials.

Sweet Mama buttercup squash contrast wonderfully with the pumpkin.

Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like pie, right? Well perhaps turkey, speaks just as eloquently.

So we are off to the cottage this afternoon to spend time with the Missus' family and to stuff ourselves silly.  Our family is taking desserts - kind of an odd choice I thought, since I have all these health conscious ladies in my midst, plus the fact that I am the only gardener in the family - you might have thought vegetables would be my assignment.  Oh well it is always good to think outside the box. Well that and we will get to bring home the leftovers - hopeful lad that always am.

The things I'm most thankful for this year:

1. My family - so good to be back together, if only a short spell
2. Friends - just wish I got to spend more time with folks I used to work with
3. Employment - transient and varied as it sometimes is
4. Our home - its a pleasant place, our mooring dock, and a place for me to fulfill my horticultural endeavours
5. Good health - can never take that for granted 
6. My heritage - happy memories of those who've gone before and their part in making me who I am
7. The animals that share our lives
8. Food - yep, you knew I'd have to include that one
9. My gardens - both vegetable and flower, provide me with much enjoyment
10. My blogging community - the process of writing, my readers and the daily anticipation of what other folks have written.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

Musings and meanderings from the Musical Gardener.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! May you be blesed with leftovers!

    BTW, you may want to start a blog on Wordpress. You could even duplicate blog content. I've had more hits in a week than I had in a year almost. Check mine out at

  2. I read this thinking I must have missed a month somewhere? At the risk of lumping you in with our American Cousins... isn't Thanksgiving usually in November? (Pardon my ignorance) :)

    Either way, Happy Thanksgiving! Mo

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!! you are looking real fallish! Love the Mums..even if you didn't grow them! :)

    Red left a message for you on my blog earlier today:
    For the Musical Gardener, I would like him to check off a couple more options for comments. The one that works for me is name and url. I enjoy his blog and would like to comment.

  4. EC - nope no leftovers - waahh! The bunch of hogs!

    M&S - Canadian Thanksgiving is usually the second weekend in October, American Thanksgiving is the last Thursday in November (?? correct if wrong here). I think ours is earlier, just because we freeze up faster here - the dogsleds are warming up and some folks have the first foundation blocks in for their igloos.

    FSof50 - thank you for all your recent comments, I really appreciate all my followers who take the time to respond. Will take your advice from Red (once I figure out how to do that). Would love to hear from him.

    Red - thanks for the advice on configuration. Will see what I can do.


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