Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gale-Force Winds

Well I must say, October came in like a lion.  What a bluster.  We started out for a walk yesterday morning with the comment about it being a bit breezy.  I believe within a few minutes the term gale-force winds was being bandied about.

Yesterday was one of those eclectic days, when you tackle some pretty odd-ball stuff and just end up thoroughly enjoying yourself in spite of the gale-force winds.

I knew something was afoot at the end of our road all week long.  My suspicions were that they were setting up for a Saturday auction.  So yesterday morning when we set out for our walk, I deliberately left the wallet at home, and shoved the camera in my pocket.

An auction it was.  We only stayed long enough to snap some photos, and gab with a couple friends.  Yours truly is finally learning the difference between need and want.  There were lots of things I wanted, not much I really needed, and nothing I couldn’t live without. Yes there was an ancient potato planter and  box of Christmas ornaments, with a mercury, hand blown glass bird in it, that someone else now owns.  Such will-power. 

The planter is just to the right of the trunk

The crowning jewel of this particular auction

Got an email a month or so ago from friends, asking me to reserve Oct 1st on my calendar.  Neville is a poet, and has just published his third book of poetry, Wild As Whippoorwills In The Night.  Last year he had a book signing for his second book and they asked me to provide background music for the event.  Would I do the same thing again?  Do kids like Smarties?

So for three hours I got to sit at the beautiful old Steinway and muddle away.  I use the term muddle, because I tend to compose all the time.  I play very little by note, and am constantly flitting from one recognizable tune to another, with a whole lot of embellishment in between.  Apparently some folks, beside myself,  like this – who’d have thought?  Anyway, twas a very pleasant affair, got to meet some great folk and Neville did several pleasant and gentle readings from his work.  

It’s always gratifying to discover you have a reader that you were unaware of.  As I’m sitting playing, a friend, whom I hadn’t seen in quite some time,  came up and remarked that she reads my blog every day and get this – she even enjoys it!  Thanks Chris, you made my day – I may even let you win the next Scrabble match (we spar on-line, on occasion).

And then it was no sooner than close up the Steinway and I was off to the next event.  Now this one is a somewhat new venture to yours truly.  My eldest daughter works for a local motel in the summer months.  On occasion she gets asked to help cater at weddings.  A month or so back, the Missus and I also got roped in on such an endeavor.   Surprise, we quite enjoyed it.  The call came this week again, would we be available for another event?  Do chickens like corn?

So all evening we slung food.  Well it was a little classier than that.  We first set up the dining hall, then offered trays of horderves, plated 110 salads, entries and desserts, served them and then did cleanup detail.  I have to admit, I thrive in the frantic mad lather that ensues in such an event.  I guess it’s the adrenaline rush of completing a well-executed job in the most efficient and timely manner.  Well not only that, I like working with food – in another life, I think I might wish to be a chef.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

Oh wait…….just four more sleeps till eldest gets home for Canadian Thanksgiving weekend from university.  She texted and said she "can’t wait to see you people".  Feelings mutual, my dear!

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  1. Since moving to the farm, we've enjoyed discovering the pleasures of the country auction!

    Your friend's book launch sounded lovely. And I can't believe it's Thanksgiving next weekend!! My mind is still stuck in summer.

  2. Is a country auction just a city garage sale with more grass?

  3. No, no, no. A country auction has charm. First of all it has an auctioneer, who usually in and of him/herself, sets the mood. Then there are all the the characters who attend - there is no better people watching place than an auction (well I must say the Renaissance Festival we attended this summer was a close second).

    Then there is all the stuff for sale - remember this is usually the dispersal of a lifetime of collecting, whereas a garage sale is just getting rid of your excess junk.

  4. A hand blown glass bird..oh my..I would have not been able to resist. I like auctions..but they take half the day, and recently I have not had the extra time to go to any.
    You had a great you are one of those guys that just sits at a piano and plays..I envy you that talent. You must be a delight to everyone who hears you play! :)


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