Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Textures

Too often we concentrate on the colours and scents in the garden.  One feature we tend to take for granted is texture.  Anyone proficient in design work, will stress what a key element, texture, can be in the overall layout of any garden.  I have tried to capture some of the interesting textures on my latest garden wonder-about.  Hope you enjoy them too.

I know the colour is pretty eye-catching too, but aren't those stamens fun.  To me they are kind of like little bent tines on your leaf rake.
You just can't go wrong with weathered wood - especially cedar.

Undulating corrugations.
Soft and feathery, direct contrast to the harsh razor edges of the Mycanthus leaves.
The scratchy rough bark in the crutch of my little burley oak tree, sharp blue dune grass as a back drop (yes the colour is actual--can't wait until that grass is a big clump)
Blue fescue - could double as a broom.
Solid, heavy weight, cool, smooth, firm surface.
Sadly all of this is now frozen down completely - but what a season we've had.  Now on to the next!

And that is about all I have to say for today.

Musings and meanderings from the Musical Gardener.


  1. Great texture and closeup images, Gardener. Thanks! We still haven't had a real frost here in the Mid-Atlantic Piedmont (I harvested [admittedly sorry] basil for my pizza last night, but if the 2" of snow forecast for today materializes, that will be the end of the garden this year.)

  2. These photos are just lovely! You have a good eye for the art in your garden! :)

  3. Great photos.
    Thanks for the lesson on texture.
    The visual part of your post is always a winner!


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