Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy 86th Grandma

My mother-in-law turns 86 years young today.  She's still fairly spry for her age, although she does get a little shaky memory-wise on occasion. For the past six months or so she has been living in a retirement home.  This was a major adjustment for her and it took her quite a while to get somewhat comfortable.  I think she is finally starting to make new friends, but it is a little like the new kid on the block, it takes time.

This is an early shot of Dorothy, although there is some uncertainty about this.  It is either her in the middle, or that is her mother.  Both families had three girls and a boy, with exactly the same colouring, just a generation apart.  The Missus is not just sure.  Perhaps Everything Changes In The Light can verify.  My feeling is the fashion is more turn of the century than 1930's but can't say for sure.

I've blogged before about inheriting all of Grandma's photos, as the family keeper of the genealogy.  These few photos are courtesy of that bequeathal - only 29 more albums to scan and categorize.  Fortunately, in her younger days, she kept very good records of all the family comings and goings, which she generously shared.  Although it is not my family per se, it is my daughters' and hopefully one of them will pick up the torch, once I grow to feeble to hold it aloft.

Well this is definitely Dorothy, taken when she was a young secretary of twenty.

The blushing bride.
55th anniversary - sharing a laugh

A week ago, with the youngest great grandson.
Happy 86th Grandma, we love you.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. A very nice tribute. Does she have access to the internet to see this?

    My mother is also a Dorothy and will be 93 in December. She has been widowed now for almost 4 years. Dad died 2 days after Mom's birthday. On his deathbed he had us all sing our traditional three birthday songs to her.

    As to the geraniums. I have no cellar or basement. The darkest place is also the warmest place - the mechanical room with the boiler - so that won't work. My garage is cool but there will be light so I think I will have to do the low light low water route in the vestibule. I hope it works. Thanks for your help with this.

  2. That first one I believe is Grandma Woodland. I think the facial structure is hers. I love the 55th anniversary laugh. I have that one on my wall. You didn't mention that she is pregnant with Gayle in her bride photo. :-) Much to my mother's chagrin, that tidbit came out--out of her own mouth, I think. It was so rainy on her wedding day, they didn't get any good pictures, so later when she was already pregnant with Gayle (legally and morally!!!) they had pictures taken in their duds. Amazing how the years have flown by. Thanks for the tribute to Mom!

  3. A lovely tribute to a lovely lady! My father-in-law would have turned 84 last Monday had he not passed away last December.

    I love Dorothy's dress from her secretary days, and her wedding photo.


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