Friday, October 28, 2011

I Need A Gimmick

I note that yesterday's blog was my 300th entry for 2011.  Wow I can hardly imagine first of all that that much time has elapsed since I started blogging, and secondly that I have somehow found enough material to keep it going.  Thirdly, I still quite enjoy the process and fourth - as of today, I hope to reach the 10,000 hit on my site.
I am sincerely indebted to my faithful readers and really do get excited every time I see that someone has left a comment.  For those of you who blog, you realize a reader comment is like a big slab of chocolate cake or a slice of warm brie.

I don't want to get greedy but I'd like to increase my readership.  I know I said I was doing this for myself, but I do put a fair bit of thought and effort into it (surprised you there didn't I!) and it would be nice to meet even more like-minded folks and get more feedback.  Starting to sound like I need to attend bloggers anonymous.

Okay it should be a question mark, I know.

I've contemplated adding a word of the day.  You can check my one blog out where I determined to find out the meanings of ten words that I'd heard but never used in my own vocabulary (well at least not correctly).Lets Expand Our Minds

How about a thought of the day -- I'm not sure that is me -- sounds a tad profound. But it might be something to do occasionally.

What about a joke of the day?  Unfortunately I am not a great wittster, and I would have to be stealing these from the internet -- which I suppose is not so awful, provided I give credit, where credit is due.  After all, if I personally could come up with a great one-liner, pun, or clever witticism every day, I'd be writing clever sitcom dialogue somewhere in a cushy, Hollywood office.

I could become controversial.  Nah that's not me either -- you saw how I handled the results of our last Canadian federal election -- I'm not even sure who I voted for, when I reread it!

I could open a home for unwanted animals -- don't laugh, that is one of the popular themes that I see in several of the blogs I read, and one that garners copious comments.  Ah but wait, my municipality has ruled I have to have 50 acres before I can even own a chicken.  I could park a wreck on my front lawn, or have an acre or two of solar panels, but heaven forbid I offend council and the neighbours by owning a couple of egg machines.

I could pick a theme and stick with it for a week, a month, a year .............. how many ways can you say BORING!  Actually though, maybe I should try to stick with a particular topic for each day of the week, so that my gardening followers would know to stay tuned on Tuesdays, just as a for instance.  But then I'd be hemming myself into something I don't really want to be.  If I want to discuss the tea in China, on a Tuesday, then that's probably what I'd do anyway.  Remember I mentioned how I liked being my own publisher and editor....ahh the power.

I could champion a cause. I could go all environmental.  People are definitely in a save-the-world mode (well few actually take it to heart, but deep down in their souls we really really want to be green). Maybe I should support a charity or solve world issues.

I could sponsor a contest.  I need to think about that one.  That may have some merit.  How would you like me to come and revitalize your gardens for a day, just one small catch you'd have to pay the airfare to get me there - remember poor-as-church-mouse syndrome!  Do I have any wealthy readers in Ireland?

I could do something outlandish (beyond the realm of controversial).  I could walk across Africa and chronicle my daily encounters with tsetse flies.  Actually, I recently finished a book about a couple who traversed the country of France.  The missus and I are contemplating--just what, I have no idea at present.

Nude photos -- okay now we are getting silly.

Provocative titles - well there is something to having the right choice of words in your title bar.  I note my largest readership to date is for a very boring little entry I wrote about 'Smartboard Technology'.  Obviously people who have googled that particular phrase have "chanced across the blog of a middle-aged Ontarian who discusses (with very little actual knowledge or authority) such mundane topics as gardening, music, supply teaching, genealogy, and cooking."

And that is about all I have to say for today.

Musings and meanderings from the Musical Gardener.


  1. OK, here's some more chocolate cake. I kinda like your blog just the way it is. And that is about all I have to say for today!

  2. Well, I am for sure sticking around to see what bells and whistles that you are going to bring forth. I find it interesting to see how many follow and check in on my blog, but then never say a word. Keep up the good work.

  3. I don't think you need a gimmick. It looks like you are doing just fine as it.

  4. You have said a lot of good stuff today. As a fellow struggling blogger you give me some ideas. Do you mind if I borrow them?
    I have found blogging a challenge that stimulates me to try to be better. Blogging has maintained some of the skills I had. As You say it's cool to receive comments.
    I'd say you do a great job of your blog. I enjoy following you.

  5. I got it: . . . no, I lost it. Been talkin' to Mum again. :-)

    50 acres for a chicken! How many bugs can one hen eat?

  6. Hey why change a good thing? Keep doing what you're doing.

  7. I think that if you just keep going on as you have been, your readership will naturally increase. :) You have a great blog; more people just need to find it! I know it has taken time for my readership to increase, but I just kept plugging away and it did happen. I have taken comment verification off my blog to see if it increases comments (as I've heard it does.) So far I haven't noticed much change. There's a bit of spam but the Blogger spam catcher does a great job!

    And I would enter ANY contest that involved you coming to revitalize my gardens!!!! :)


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