Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lions Music Festival

The Lions Club, for sixty plus years, have hosted the annual Music Festival in our fair city. This is the chosen week, this year.  Over 400 performers take to the stage from Sunday afternoon until Thursday evening.  During the day, there are three different churches open, with three adjudicators, separating the wheat from the chaff.  In the evening everyone gathers in the arts center to witness the senior students in one of the disciplines.

There are always three disciplines: band/orchestra/instrumental, voice, and piano.  All of the music teachers in the area coach their students for months in advance, prepping them to bring home the gold. Whereas sports are daily celebrated and toasted in the area, young musicians have but once annually to shine.  And shine they do.  Hockey moms have nothing on the competitive streaks in the music moms.  Well there are no yelling and brawling matches (musicians prefer the more snobbish silent treatment and snubbing). New dresses and suits must be acquired for every individual performance, and heaven forbid a stray lock detracting from a performance.  Although as a side note, there was a wardrobe malfunction last evening as a contestant snapped a spaghetti strap and threatened to bare all during her final credenza.

About six years ago my youngest daughter was the winner of the most promising young musician.  Her award was a beautifully engraved metronome which sits proudly in our home.

My eldest, two years ago, brought home the much coveted, overall Star of the Festival, from the glitzy culminating evening.  Last year, she was selected as Vocal Star -- a great ending to her public and high school days.

Youngest daughter has had a very successful week and made her parents proud.  She won first in the duet competition Sunday evening with a friend.  Then a second on her sacred solo, a third on her Stage and Film and last night her quartet tied for first place.  Last evening was most enjoyable with the last of the senior solos, then trios and quartets.  I am constantly amazed at the maturity and creativity these high school students display.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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