Monday, March 28, 2011

Me Brudder John

I was an afterthought, a woops.  Mom was forty, Dad, forty three, when I made my grand entrance..... on Labour Day of all days.

Little Johnny

My next sibling up, is my brother John, who is the best part of seven years older than myself.  Most brothers that far apart would have had very little in common or much to do with each other for that matter.  But John was different, than most siblings.  He was a really good big brother, and I'm quite sure I was a really annoying little brother.  I recall him and I doing a lot of childhood activities together.  He always took me swimming at the neighbour's beach, sometimes took me fishing.  In the winter we would go snowmobiling together on the old Elan skidoo, and in the fall we often go partridge hunting together (of course I wasn't old enough for a license yet).

Yours truly (obviously in need of a pee),and big brother.  I'm not sure if he is pronouncing a blessing on me,  pulling my hair or trying to keep my head straight for the camera.

School boy photos

John is a quiet, good natured fellow.  He has many friends and I would say, no enemies.  He is just one of those likable chaps.  He started carpentry work right out of high school and still works with the same neighbour thirty five years later, building throughout the Parry Sound area.  John also is a trapper.  He traps primarily beaver, but other fur bearing animals as well.  This is usually how he spends his winters, on his skidoo setting out traps, bringing home his catch, and then skinning and stretching long into the winter evenings.

At 56, he has never married, and I don't think has any particular yearnings, matrimonially.  He always has a faithful canine companion.  Abbey is his current chum.  A bluetick, Cocker spaniel cross, she embodies the perfect pet for John.  And when we invite John down to our place for Christmas, we make sure to always include Cousin Abbey in the invite.

A fine catch of walleye.

John and Abbey

So today is brother John's 56th birthday.  Happy birthday to a fine fellow.  May you have many more. I feel lucky to have you as a big brother.

It's funny, when I called him last night to wish him an early Happy Birthday, his reaction was, "Oh ya, I guess it is."  I said, "So you'll be 56." "57", was his convinced reply.  I had to explain that 2011 minus 1955, makes you 56.  So, he's been telling people that he was 56 this whole past year.  Now he's blessed to be entering his second year of 56.  I thought that only happened at 39!

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. Nice reading about your brother. He leads an interesting life, and has a lovely dog!


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