Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Baaackkk!

First of all let me wish each of my readers a Happy New Year in real time.  My last five or so posts were all prescheduled way back in December (that seems a long time ago).  So this is really my first post for 2012.

We have just returned from our Caribbean cruise.  It was wonderful and relaxing, but I am also glad to be back on good old terra ferma.  The Musical Gardener has discovered that he is really not a sailor at heart - motion sickness is not a pleasant state.  Yes I chugged Gravol like candy, and finally resorted to a patch which helped until I accidently scraped it off with my snorkeling gear.

The weather was wonderful, sunny most days and just pleasant temperatures.  The food was way too good - yes I endeavoured to be as well behaved as I could be - I had my oatmeal every morning for breakfast and had lots of fruit and veggies.  Actually dinner time was usually not a big issue, because by then the queasiness had usurped most of the appetite.

Entertainment was great aboard ship - the Missus got quite into karioke.  I even won one of the Who Am I trivia quizzes and have a ship trophy to prove it.

So I thought I would share a few photos of the trip over the course of a few blogs - no I don't intend to bore you with all the details and every last picture, just a few.  Today let's just look at some of the flowers that we saw.

What we left in Syacuse on December 29th.
A few short hours later aboard the Carnival Liberty in Miami

Hibiscus in bloom everywhere

Plumbago growing wild.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

Musings and meanderings from the Musical Gardener.


  1. So sorry that you were sick on your cruise. That can spoil so much. I have been on two of them, one of them to the Greek Islands and the other was a similar trip to yours. I really enjoyed them and it was smooth sailing on both. I am glad you were still able to have a good time despite the queasiness.

  2. Welcome back..oh those flowers look down right yummy..what is that first orange one? Whatever it was it is stunning!
    So you are not a sailor..although they say you get used to it..I bet it was good to get some sunshine! :)

  3. You really know how to stick it to us with the awesome flower shots!
    Great that it as a super trip. Welcome back.

  4. Welome home and happy new year! Glad you are back Scrabbling again too. Love the flowers and am looking forward to more pics!


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