Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Birds of Paradise

Is is just me or is this new Blogger format difficult and unwieldy, especially when it comes to photo handling?  I hate to complain, but usually after a few weeks of a new format, I move on and start to enjoy the new, improved features - just not happening this time.

First of all, a happy 20th birthday to my Eldest, who reads my blog daily, whilst away at university.  Miss you hon, and it was a wonderful two short weeks together.

Eldest and Youngest, all dolled up for gala night on the cruise.

Back to our vacation.  Today, I will share photos of the birds we met along our journey.  Yes, I know they were all in captivity, which makes it more than a bit artificial, but it was also an excellent photographic opportunity - forgive the wire mesh backgrounds in most of the shots.  Try to imagine birds flying freely amid the rain forests. 

That brings me to a enigmatic topic.  We traipsed through the rainforest in Belize for the best part of an hour - wonderful foliage and trees.  I expected the palm trees and overhanging canopy to be filled with the sounds and sights of exotic birds.  In the hour we might have seen and heard a couple small blackbirds, certainly nothing exotic avian-wise, in this relatively untouched natural haven.

Not very exotic, but he was friendly

The Missus and her new-found admirer.

This was the most pleasant, gentle little chap.

Toucan Sam?

Green bill variety.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. The parrot looks very sweet.As a kid,we sometimes had Fruitloops and I always wanted to see a real live toucan.

  2. What beautiful birds (and beautiful daughters!) I love the little guy drinking from the cup in your hand.

  3. You have beautiful daughters. And those are some pretty birds too!

  4. You have some great shots here of people and of birds and of birds on people. Thanks for letting us see the sights of the warm climate.

  5. The reason there were no birds in the wild is that they were all vacationing in Ontario. :-)

  6. Happy birthday "Eldest."
    Great bird pictures and I will ignore the screens.
    Some of my birding friend go on special tours for birding. They come back making sightings of 200 species.

  7. Oh Gardner, your girls are quite the beauties!!! Here's sendin' Miss #20 a great big old Ozark...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDEST!!!

    Your pictures are just wonderful, what fun with our fine feathered friends. Sometimes my little wild song~birds will land on my head while I'm fillin' feeders.

    God bless ya and have a glorious day Man!!!

  8. My goodness your girls are beautiful! Happy Birthday to your eldest! Twenty..oh I wish I were twenty again some days.
    You got some great photos of the birds..they look exotic to me!
    I use a free program called Live Writer to write all my is wonderful and you can put photos exactly where you want them..unless you have a Mac..then it won't work for you:)

  9. I've heard of people wearing a feather in their cap - but a whole parrot, that's taking things a bit too far.
    Seriously though, seriously pretty birds and daughters.


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