Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Have An LTO

The week started out like a lion and went out like a lamb - well at least from a teaching perspective, actually weather-wise too, come to think of it.   I had a class of demon-spawn on Monday.  The very ineffective principal likes to suppend students from school, for poor behaviour.  One of the lads in my class, obviously wanted Tuesday off.  In fact in no uncertain terms told me he wanted to play with his PSP.  Started the day off telling me he hated me, called me every name in the book (yep I think I learned a few new ones).  I could not believe the disrespect.  So I'm quite sure he got his day off, and is ready to fire a volley of trash at the next supply teacher that enters his world.

But the week got better with each day.  Yesterday it culminated with the most pleasant little group of Kindergartens that I have had the pleasure of teaching.  We just plain had fun!

So I have an LTO coming up.  LTO is an acronym for Long Term Occasional position.  I've applied for several of these over the years, and never hear anything back.  This one, I didn't apply for, it just fell on my lap.  I want to be happy about it, but I know there is a reason it's mine -- nobody else really wants it!

Well maybe I shouldn't say nobody wants it, but it is a difficult group - Grade 7, my favourite -- not!  The other part of this is that I will be doing the music program on Thursday afternoons for all the intermediates.  This is the fear that the teacher and principal have, that they could find a suitable, qualified replacement for the academic side of the Grade 7 class, but there are very few people who could tackle that plus do an effective job on the music end of it.  Of course it all remains to be seen, how effective I am in both roles.

The teacher I am replacing will be off for at least five weeks having elective surgery.   For now I will be hired week by week. Perhaps I should better explain my situation here too.  I am qualified, on paper, for neither Grade 7 or Music.  The danger (or maybe it might be saving grace!) is that if a qualified teacher (in both disciplines) catches wind that a non-qualifed person is filling the role, I could quickly get ousted.

So the one upside to this is that I don't have to drive far for the next month or two.  By then the weather will probably be a little more clement (is that a word, or does it need the 'in' as a prefix?) for driving distances.  Once I establish a routine, I probably will have an easier time too, but there will be lesson planning and marking to do in the evenings, which I have not had to do for some time.

So I may be a bear for a few weeks, if behaviours get out of line.  Bear with me (pardon the pun).  All this shall pass.  Who knows maybe I won't want to give the little darlings up, once their regular teacher returns.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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