Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nineteen Years Today

Nineteen years ago today, a little being entered our world and our world has never since been the same.

The missus woke me about five o'clock complaining that her water had just broke.  My first sleepy reaction was to comment that water doesn't break, it freezes (and sometimes did in the old farmhouse).  Fortunately that was one time when a thought was more appropriate than a verbal comment.

As all newly expectant parents react, we tore into town to the hospital, barely stopping for lights, praying we would make it before the baby just popped out and waved good morning.  Naivety is a wonderful thing.  We had lot of time, lots and lots of time.  Baby didn't make her grand entrance for another twenty hours and an emergency C-section later.  She hung on with her toenails and has been a bit that way ever since!

It is truly astounding how something that didn't tangibly exist yesterday, can make such a remarkable and life changing entrance.  From that first "Here I am" squall, there was no turning back and its been quite the roller coaster ride ever since.

Experts say there is a special bond between fathers and daughters and I'm here to tell you it's so.

She and I would feed the cows together.  I would load the hay in the back of the old truck, put her in the front (sans seatbelt or carseat, no less) and across the field we'd drive. I'd get out to toss the hay to the waiting beasts.  When I'd return there would be a grinning cherub in the driver's seat.  My reaction was always, "get your big bum over", a phrase that would elicit squeals of laughter.

We made many trips back to Parry Sound, just the two of us, over the years.  It was a break for Mom and great bonding time for the two of us.  Also Grandma and Grandpa loved to see their little granddaughter.  The six hour trips always flew by (yes of course I heard the phrase "are we near there yet" many, many times) as we listened to the seventies and eighties classics.

As Cinderella's Wicked Stepsister

We made the same pilgrimage last year for the first time, since both grandparents have gone.  It was wonderful.  Just time for the two of us.  Time for two adults to communicate, time for a trip down nostalgia lane, and yes we listened to the Golden Oldies again.  We both knew it was our last hurrah before the next phase of life.

I've never had a bluer time in my life than the first few days this past fall after we'd dropped her off at university.  I'd always heard the word heartache, but never fully understood it till then.  My whole being kind of ached.   However this was one of those moments we had been parenting for all her life, preparing her for her first steps toward independence.

And so on this your birthday, my dear one.  You've changed and enriched our lives immeasurably.  You have such wonderful potential, go out and use it.  Find your place in the world, a world that is a better place for you becoming a part of it.   We love you.

And that is about all I have to say for today,

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    By the way, I was thinking the other day that with my great plans to make quilts for all the nieces and nephews, she is the only one who got one!


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