Saturday, January 29, 2011

The First Month In Review

I've been blogging now for a month, 31 entries -- hard to believe.  It's probably a good time to review the process and see where I'm at.

I've tried to keep a pretty varied menu, being the eclectic soul that I am.  I said originally that I would be discussing gardening, music (hence the name themusicalgardener) genealogy, supply teaching, and cooking.  You will note I have since added nostalgia to my list.  I just found there were so many ideas popping up  that didn't really fit any category.  I seem to be happiest writing about experiences and reminiscing.  Any advice I've read, says to blog from your heart and your personal experience.  I'm too private to divulge much 'heart stuff', but experience and anecdotes are pretty fair game.  

My gardening topics have been pretty limited so far.  It's not really gardening weather, as the thermometer dips to -30 C and the only tool I handle these days is a snow shovel.  Shortly I will be starting to plant seeds indoors, and I hope to devote a blog to that very topic in the next couple of weeks.  I also have an apple tree that needs some serious pruning, so I hope to tackle that one on a warmer, sunny day.  I also promise I will get a lot more photos once spring begins to rear its long-awaited head.

I'm finding music is not the easiest topic to write about.  I don't have the technology to record and digitize anything to a format my readers can enjoy.  But I'm thinking about going out and splurging to get a mini digital recorder. I think I'm also at a bit of a creatively stagnant point, musically. Maybe I'll devote a blog to my musical frustrations, some day soon.  The problem here is that I want to be positive and upbeat in my blogging -- frustration is not that conducive to positive energy.  Blogging should be humourous and uplifting, inspirational even, not a rant (more advice from my blogging mentor).   I do have a couple of musical venues that I am currently pursuing, so I may tackle those to tell you about them.

Genealogy is always a fun topic for me.  I've done a couple of blogs on specific relatives and I intend to continue this trend, every so often.  I have so many great photos and info that are just great general human interest stories, even if the reader does not know the individuals.

Supply teaching, I do every day.  Yes there are some great stories, but it is often the same hum drum routine effort - not much blog-worthiness to it.  The other problem here is pictures.  For privacy reasons, obviously I cannot take a camera in, to take pictures in  classroom situations, or of the great little students I meet on a daily basis.
So for illustrations, I have to rely on the generic internet photos, which possibly parallel the situation, but do not fully capture my day.  I will probably continue to share my art lessons etc, that I feel have been successful.

Cooking:  I enjoy this topic and the results of course.  I think about once a week is enough though. I find these blogs require taking a lot of photographs of the process, which means a lot of importing and manipulation.  Stay tuned as we are going to tackle apple dumplings and taco pie in the next fortnight or so.

As I mentioned, I am definitely going to pursue more nostalgia in my musings and meanderings.

So far I have been able to get a blog out per day.  That is a fair challenge, and a reasonable goal this time of year, but I also want it to remain fun.  I want the process to be a good servant, not a taxing master. I may put out a few shorter narratives just to keep my head above water.  Right now I am trying to have a couple of weeks worth of blogs in process, but it doesn't take many days of robbing from that bank, before you start to panic.  Well maybe panic is not the right word.  I also like the percolating process, where I write something, let it sit and fester, and then edit it a few days later, maybe visit it several times, before I finally publish it.  And you thought I just whipped these off in a single setting!

So what are my feelings to date?  Well I'd certainly like to get a slightly larger readership.  I really only get feedback from a few of you, although I see by the stats that I am getting more lurkers (hopefully not just spamming sites).  

It is nice being the newspaper owner, editor, publisher, delivery boy all in one.  Okay that maybe makes me sound like a bit of a control freak. I guess you are at my mercy, and if the topic of the day doesn't click with you, hopefully tomorrow's or the next day's will.

It is great to feel I am writing daily, maybe gathering enough material and experience to tackle something bigger and better some day.  My hope is that I can hone my writing skills, develop my own personal writing voice, as well as improve my story telling and procedural writing techniques. Along the way, I hope I can brighten your day a little too, or inspire you to tackle a new venture. 

And that is about all I have to say for today.

Musings and meanderings from the Musical Gardener.

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