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2010 in Reflection

Category-wise, you'll definitely be getting Meanderings today, on this the final day of 2010.  Now I'm going to have to go through that confusing phase of writing '2010', crossing out the last zero and putting a '1' in place, for the next month or two.

For the  past twenty years of our marriage, the missus and I have carried out a silly tradition.  But it is one that a lot of people seemed to appreciate and anticipate each year.  We cut, fold, design and paint our own Christmas cards.  As well we include a yearly poem summarizing the events of the year gone by.

 I was sitting thinking how I was going to go about ending the year in my new blog project and it hit me.  Why bother reinventing the wheel, just cut and paste the poem onto the blog.

So here goes:

Wasn't it just a week ago
We wrote of two thousand and nine
No, wait a year has passed us by
Once again it's Christmas time

Youngest one hit sweet sixteen
Surrounded by friends and fun
And to add to complications
Completed her driver's G1

But earlier on in the year
She was seen on the stage as a Pye
Josie's Ma in Ann of Green Gables
Drama at the local High

Next was a wicked stepsister
Of Cinderella, rude, selfish and mean
Along with her real life sister
Created quite the scene

Third play was Bye By Birdie
Ursula she brought to the stage
A teenage teeny bopper
From when Elvis was all the rage

This fall, in grade eleven
Another dramatic role befell
This time the harlot, Sonya
In the musical performance, Godspell

In addition, she works hours at the grocer
All summer and throughout the week
She whips up goods in the bakery
Makes all sorts of good things to eat.

Most mornings she's up and about
Working out at the break of day
Achieving a level of fitness
From which she does not stray

A top notch scholar and student
At studying, she does her part
Got top awards in two of her classes
Grade ten English and Art

And last of her accomplishments
She is always singing in tune
Finished with flying colours
Grade Eight voice in June

Now on to the older sister
Who's moved to higher learning
She'll be home for Christmas
A time for which she's yearning

She started the year as Marilla
A role she played stern and grey
And then there was “Read All Aboot It”
That five students wrote, sang and played

Thirteen songs she composed for this venture
Which she played with panache and flair
Their dancing, singing and acting
Got accolades from everywhere

The second wicked stepsister was next
Played only as our eldest couid
Simp'ring, whimp'ring, whiney and brash
Annoying, but my she was good!

Bye Bye Birdie, a joint venture
'Tween the two rival city schools
Saw Gillian as Rosie Alvarez
The girls who breaks all Mama's rules.

Thus ended her high school career
A big fish in the local pond
Where she made lasting friendships
And created memories so fond.

An Ontario Scholar she finished
Several scholarships headed her way
With music as her major
They helped her tuition to pay

She toiled at cleaning rooms each day
Endeavouring money to earn
And then we loaded her up at the end
And headed down south to Western

A tiny minnow in a great big sea
She's found the term daunting at best
And she's counting the days till she's home
To do nothing but visit and rest.

With our nest at half way empty
We needed to make our house merry
So imported a girl from Korea
And a Chinese lass known as Cherry

Imagine a house with three girls
All grade eleven in the same year
Competing for time in the bathroom
And watch the groceries disappear

And now on to the fifth lady within
The Mama, the wife, the big cheese
Who's only half what she once was
Not nearly as much to squeeze!

First as director of music this spring
For Cinderella's cast
Conducted her pit band of nine
Forging friendships that surely will last.

Throughout the year she continued to teach
Guitar, piano, voice and art
Keeping the wolf away from the door
She most certainly does her part

Summer saw the return of the Art Camp
Expanding children's art knowledge
Then taught another kid's camp
At at the local community college.

This fall a new adventure
About the province she's travelling
As she teaches the teachers to teach
A course called 'Art on a Shoestring'

May fifth this year we reached it
Twenty years of marital bliss
We recommend the matrimonial state
And tell you how pleasant it is!

This fall we joined the community choir
Singing alto and learning bass
To Handel's great Messiah
In all its majesty and grace

As well, we ventured afield
On a bus trip to Amish land
To Lancaster Pennsylvania
The scenery and theater grand

I started the year with a bang
Well maybe twas more of a crash
As I waved goodbye to industry,
Old friends, security and cash

But I've hardly missed a day
Supply teaching far and near
Landscaping and summer school
Has rounded out my year.

The greenhouse is back up and running
Growing wave petunias and such
For those who bought our wares
We thank you very much

Our deck was tiny and cramped
More a pathway to the pool
So we added more square footage
Just after we finished with school.

The twenty first century beckoned
With each day we saw more need
So finally up with the tower
And forward with internet high speed.

And that about sums it up
Our year from beginning to end
We send our love in this
Be you family or friend.

A safe and blessed holiday
A joyous wonderful New Year
To each and everyone of you
We send our Christmas cheer.

That the yearend tally, although giving details within the confines of words that must rhyme (well within reason anyway) and meter that should flow (I know it's all over the map) can make some life events seem rather trite.

Today is the first anniversary of my final day in industry, after almost twenty years in the same routine.  A victim of the recession, actually one of about two hundred in our particular case, I started the year with a fair sense of trepidation.  Life's safety net had evaporated, and the tight rope seemed pretty daunting.

Fortunately I completed my teaching degree a few years ago (during an unfortunate work stoppage period) so at least I was not completely unarmed, as many of my colleagues seemed to be.  As well I had been supply teaching a day or two a week, while working shift.  At least I had my foot in the door, and something to move directly into.  I have been pretty much gainfully employed as a supply teacher, throughout the area for the entire year (excluding the summer hiatus). 

The second most difficult phase, that the poem trivializes, was my eldest daughter's exit to university.  Our close-knit little family group, suddenly had a gaping hole.  I know Dads aren't supposed to show emotion, and I did hold it together externally.  But inside.....different story.  
The van is packed, I'm ready to go.

And then there was the difficult flying visit at Thanksgiving.  It was great to see her, but she was so busy, so over tired and wouldn't you know it,  I had a course on the one day of the three she was home.

So we've much enjoyed her two week break home over the holiday season.  But I'm already starting to lump up, just thinking that she goes back in two short days.

2010 has been a bit of a free fall session; an emotional roller coaster so to speak.  However we managed somewhat intact, and for my part a little more self confident in my ability to make do and survive financially and emotionally. 

And that is about all I have to say for today

Musings and Meanderings from the Musical Gardener.

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  1. Interesting to see all the beautiful cards in rows. So do you paint them assembly line fashion?

    This year has definitely been an interesting one for you guys.


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